As part of the fostering assessment process, prospective foster carers are invited to attend our preapproval training course – ‘Skills to Foster.’

Using the course provided by The Fostering Network and incorporating additional information about Channels and Choices therapeutic approach, the course takes place over three days, usually one day a week for three weeks, although we also run a more condensed course in school holidays.

The course is an introduction to fostering and looks at the skills required to be a successful foster carer. Areas discussed include an introduction into the role of a foster carer, Identity and Life Chances, working as part of a team, Safe Care, Introduction to attachment. The course includes videos, PowerPoint presentations, case studies and activities.

We also outline how Channels and Choices work, looking at our therapeutic model.

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The course is part of the assessment and feedback is given to the assessing social worker, it is also a real opportunity for applicants to increase their knowledge around the fostering task and to re-assure themselves that fostering is right for them.

The course is not a series of lectures! It is interactive and very much discussion based. Each course takes on its own identity, formed by the participants and trainers. It is an opportunity to ask questions, engage in reflection, consider the impact on applicants who become foster carers and to think about the future evolution of their family and support network.

Channels and Choices will provide a range of team members including Social Workers, Therapists, foster carers and members of the residential team to interact with applicants to provide a full insight into our therapeutic community.

While the course is designed for new applicants, day two contains a strong Channels and Choices theme so we ask transferring carers to join us for that, although they are of course welcome to join the whole course. As well as providing an insight into some of the differences they will experience fostering within our community, existing cares are often able to provide valuable insight to new applicants.

For applicants that are still considering their final decision, Skills to Foster can be a valuable opportunity to add information ahead of committing to fostering. If you think this may be an option for you – we look forward to welcoming you soon.

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