Professional fostering allowances

How much do foster carers get paid?

Allowance from £27,140 per child

Foster carer allowances start from £27,140 per year per child making it an attractive career for many people

22 Days of respite holiday care

Just like any other profession, you get holiday allowance where we provide respite cover for your foster child

Pay very low tax on your income

The income figures you see aren't far off the actual amount you receive after tax compared to most other jobs

Receive an income per foster child

You will be rewarded with a income per child making fostering an even more attractive career


Fostering Financials & Requirements Guide

Download our Foster Carer pay guide and requirements.

Julie earns £65,720 per year...

Julie is now a Level 3 Specialist Carer and earns £65,720 per annum with 2 child placements. She pays low amounts of tax because it’s fostering and she has the flexibility she needs to live the life she wants.

Fostering frequently asked questions

On average it can take four to six months from your initial enquiry to being approved as a foster carer

There is no upper age limit for fostering, but you need to be fit enough to care for the children. There is not a defined age at which you can begin fostering but it is important that you have the life experience and maturity to cope with the responsibility.

A criminal conviction doesn’t automatically rule you out of fostering, but you must declare all the details to us from the outset of your application. An enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will be carried out on you and anyone else in the household aged 17 or over. There are certain serious offences and offences against children which would prevent you from fostering.

No, qualifications are not required, we will provide training and support during your application and throughout your fostering journey. However it would be useful if you have experience in looking after or working with children

Our requirement at Channels & Choices is that at least one foster carer in the household should be at home on a full time basis. This is to ensure that a child or young person in your care is looked after in the best way possible. If there are any periods whereby you do not have a child in placement we are able to offer work within our therapeutic residential houses which is a great way to build the skills and knowledge for working with children

Most families at Channels & Choices are approved to care for 1 or 2 children although we do have some families approved for 3. Your approval would depend on the space in your home as each child would require their own bedroom

Yes you can foster a child if you are not in a relationship. If you’ve only been in a relationship for a short time and are considering fostering as a couple, we’d suggest that you are in a stable situation for at least 12-18 months before you start the fostering process

Yes. Sexual orientation and/or gender is not a deciding factor on whether you can foster a child. You need to be able to meet our fostering requirements and provide a safe and loving home to a child

We do accept foster parents that smoke. However, at Channels & Choices we would not approve for you to foster any children under the age of 5 if you or your partner are smokers. The health of the children in your care will always be our priority and if you do smoke it will be a requirement that you do not smoke in your home or in your car.

No, you can foster if you own or rent a house. Each child will need their own room and a place to play and study.

Yes you can. As a parent it is important to consider the impact of fostering a child as a part of your family. This would be explored further with you

If you didn’t find your answer here, please call on 01304 361 888, or send us a message.

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