Our therapeutic framework is primarily based upon Psychodynamic principles and is heavily influenced by Attachment and Systemic theory. Our evolved therapeutic community strives to provide a holistic therapeutic environment for each child. They will experience therapeutic interaction and support as part of their daily lives.

Our extensive core staff, in-house training, internal model of Emotional Needs Assessments (completed with therapists and carers), Therapeutic Thinking Times (monthly with therapists and carers and school staff), and provision of quarterly Therapy Progress Updates (compiled by our therapists) provide a robust model. This is also informed by our own individual interaction, therapeutic relationships and our ongoing therapeutic assessments, discussions and processing together as a Community.

Careful planning and person-centred child therapy from the start

Once a child has arrived and is carefully matched to their house or foster family, a period of settling and nurturing begins. During this phase initial assessments and care plans are carefully implemented and developed. We complete Psychological/Psychiatric assessment as necessary alongside our own bespoke attachment based assessment.

All children placed with Channels & Choices are encouraged to talk about their wants and needs.  Children will be introduced to our therapy team either through group (both primary & secondary age boys and girls groups) or individual opportunities. This can be done at each child’s own pace and creatively amongst the adults that care for them.

Once relationships are formed, they are used both to develop the young person’s relationships through best practice and inform the wider community of their needs.

We provide a number of formats whereby our skilled Systemic Psychotherapists and Counsellors work alongside our staff teams and foster carers to ensure that the children’s needs are firmly kept in focus; different perspectives, practice and creativity are encouraged. We use our knowledge of our children to help assist their transitions into foster care or their next steps from Channels and Choices.

Monitoring children’s progress and preparing them for their futures

We monitor therapeutic progress and relationships through goal-setting and rewarding of achievements and overcoming difficulties. These are celebrated or worked on together within all parts of the community, which includes the home, school and therapy teams. This is to ensure a holistic approach where all needs are focused, measured and developed.

We believe it is so important that our children have their own voice, so we work towards their hopes and dreams as well as emotional and developmental goals.