In December 2011 Channels and Choices opened The Sallygate School; our Independent DFE registered (Registration Number 886/6137) school for children with SEMH (Social, Emotional, Mental Health difficulties). The school curriculum caters for key stage 2, 3 and 4 pupils, and has a high level of staff to child ratios to ensure that each individual child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. The school offers a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum blended with the new National Curriculum.

Sallygate School Dover Kent

All young people engage in education, are learning and achieving. They are making excellent progress, bearing in mind their starting points and have very good records of attendance.” – Ofsted

The teaching is based around a sound knowledge and understanding of the needs of each student, and is shaped around the ways in which different students learn. This means that we take care to nurture the individual talent, and aim to respond to the learning needs of every student. The curriculum is delivered in small learning groups with qualified teachers, who are supported by one or more learning mentors depending on the needs of the group. The timetable places a daily emphasis on Math, English and Science across all Key Stages. In these subjects students are offered opportunities to work for early accreditation where appropriate. All pupils, including those with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care plan will have differentiated learning where needed. Where gaps in previous learning are identified, individual support is put in place, to ensure that all students reach their learning potential.

Strategies for success

The school works alongside a resident therapy team, including a resident Psychologist, to help young people work through difficult emotional and behavioural difficulties, which often present as extreme barriers to their learning. Many of the pupils at Sallygate School have had multi placements within homes and schools, which have broken down due to their emotional and behavioural needs. Sallygate School implements various strategies, including small groups with a high staffing ratio, to help the pupils manage these issues; at the same time understanding that giving time and displaying patience is crucial in ensuring they become good learners.

Our school ethos

Sallygate pupils are the focus of everything we do irrespective of personal circumstance or individual need. Sallygate will lead the way with innovative teaching methods, and support systems, to ensure that pupils achieve the greatest all-round development, and success of which they are capable.  Initiative is continually demonstrated and encouraged by a committed staff team, who aim to stretch the pupils to achieve their best at all times. Staff strive to build on mutually respectful relationships in a caring and therapeutic environment, to ensure that the character, personality, individuality and awareness of each pupil is developed, thereby encouraging an enjoyable approach to learning, and to life.

Our mission statement

Sallygate will actively promote such qualities as: commitment, compassion, consideration, resilience, good humour and a love of learning.To raise the aspirations of all pupils, and so to encourage, extend and inspire them to reach their potential. It is our aim that pupils leave Sallygate as self-confident young people equipped with the knowledge, skills and attributes that will allow them to lead a happy and fulfilled life, and to make a difference in their own lives and in their wider community.

We aim to do this by:

  • Providing challenges and encouraging initiative
  • Expecting high standards in every aspect of school life, and for it to be evident in behaviour and attitude of all pupils
  • Providing opportunities in a safe and happy environment
  • Demonstrating a commitment to equality of opportunity
  • Ensuring pupils have choices, and adopt the responsibilities that go with their rights
  • Establishing a rich, diverse and stimulating learning community for all
  • Encouraging healthy and safer lifestyle options
  • Promoting teamwork and developing leadership capabilities
  • Promoting professional development of staff

Our vision

Sallygate will constantly evolve to develop new and innovative ways to engage young people to build a passion for learning, and have a healthy productive attitude towards life and work. Sallygate will strive to be recognised nationally as a unique and outstanding provision that provides individual options for young people with additional needs, and who need a more flexible and therapeutic curriculum.

Management committee

The main function of the Sallygate Management Committee is to oversee the strategic framework of the school, and to ensure that the headteacher and staff run the school in a way that ensures the continued improvement of standards, pupil progress and achievements. The Management Committee is made up of directors, foster carers and specialised staff who have an interest in the school’s development.