In December 2011 Channels and Choices opened The Sallygate School; our Independent DFE registered (Registration Number 886/6137) school for children with SEMH (Social, Emotional, Mental Health) needs; and in particular those with Trauma and Attachment difficulties. The school curriculum caters for key stage 2, 3 and 4 pupils, and has a high staff to pupil ratio to ensure that each individual has the opportunity to reach their full potential. The school offers a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that prioritizes the needs of the children so that they can progress towards a positive future.

All young people engage in education, are learning and achieving. They are making excellent progress, bearing in mind their starting points and have very good records of attendance.” – Ofsted

Our mission statement

Building positive relationships for a successful future.
The Sallygate School is part of a community where all are welcome. We focus on establishing trusting relationships, embedded in the Solihull Approach, so that positive, meaningful and enjoyable learning and personal development can take place regardless of needs or starting point.
All staff aim to prepare children for their future and support them in developing skills to use throughout their life.

Our school ethos

The children and staff created and share 5 core values that underpin everything that goes on in school which are:
Respect – for people, myself and the environment
Safety – for myself and for others
Readiness – being ready to learn, work and whatever comes next
Effort – trying my hardest and not giving up
Kindness – treating others how I would like to be treated

Our vision

Our aim is to be a recognised centre of best practice for the educational provision of children with complex Attachment, Trauma and SEMH needs.

Strategies for success

The school works alongside a resident therapy team, including a resident Psychologist, to help pupils work through some of their emotional and behavioural difficulties, which often present as extreme barriers to their learning. Many of the pupils at The Sallygate School have had multiple placements within residential and foster care homes, as well as schools, which have often broken down due to their complex emotional and behavioural needs. The Sallygate School implements various strategies, including small classes with a high staffing ratio, to help the pupils build positive and trusting relationships to allow learning and personal development to take place.

Management committee

The main function of The Sallygate Management Committee is to oversee the strategic running of the school, and to ensure that the headteacher and staff run the school in a way that ensures the continued improvement of standards, pupil progress and achievement. The Management Committee comprises a team of staff who have an interest and passionate about the school’s vision, mission and ethos.