Helping Children reach their full potential and improving outcomes.

Children are referred to us due to their social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, which have resulted in their inability to be able to be cared for within a family environment. Nearly all of the children have experienced early life trauma, and most have some form of an attachment disorder. We have a highly integrated therapeutic community which focuses on working collaboratively ensuring seamless transitions, so that we can achieve the best outcomes for the children we care for.”

Director’s statement

Channels and Choices was established in 2005. It was founded by a group of Qualified Social Workers who had become increasingly frustrated with the quality of children’s services when placing young people. Although some services were able to meet the basic needs of the children, they believed that more work needed to be done; particularly in understanding the attachment experiences of children with their primary caregiver.

From that time Channels & Choices has developed in to a Centre of excellence in therapeutic child care services. We offer the highest quality of care to all looked after children helping them improve their outcomes and reach their full potential.