Our foster carer support is second to none.

It is not just fantastic training we offer. We are here to support you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A member of the fostering team is always at hand to help find the best way forward. You’ll also get 21 days paid respite (holiday time) per year so you can recharge your batteries.

Regular contact with your Supervising Social Worker

The team at Channels & Choices are extremely well trained and very experienced. You’ll be designated an experienced Supervising Social Worker to guide and advise you. They will make regular phone calls to you and monthly visits, to help you and the child with you get the most out of your fostering journey. They will attend meetings with you and be the link between you, the Local Authority Social Worker and Channels & Choices.

Support meetings with other foster carers

There are also foster carer support meetings every six weeks, where you can meet, talk to, support and learn from other foster carers. We have democratically elected foster carer representatives who are available to discuss any issues at any time taking any points you may have back to the fostering service or support group.

Channels & Choices Fun Days & events

Our foster families and children have given really good feedback about our ‘Fun days’. We arrange regular activities and events for you, your foster children and your own family to all take part in. Summer fun days, Zoo outings, Fireworks, Panto and outside laser tag are a few of the activities as well as Christmas parties and events. We have a number of foster carers, who alongside some of the children design the fun days, and also help give the children in our care an additional way of getting their views and ideas heard.

Our therapy team is always there to help

Within the Channels & Choices community, our therapy team provide a huge amount of support to our foster carers. The team provide individual and group support to children and our foster families, as well as training across the community. One of their most valuable inputs is through the foster carer support group whereby the therapy team have a structured period within the meeting devoted to therapeutic thinking. This helps foster carers sharpen their skills and develop effective strategies for working with children.

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