Our therapy team has been carefully developed  through attending to our communities’ adapting and developing needs.

Our team bridges the three corners of our children’s lives, between residential, fostering, and education. We offer a presence within the school day for those children who attend. Children who attend other schools and education provision are also welcomed and seen in 3 of our rooms: The Eaves, The Nest or our Group room during or outside of school hours.

Our children are often creatively matched to individual therapists at their own pace, as well as being offered opportunities in our therapeutic groups as an alternative or in addition too their individual therapy.

The team consists of a wide range of skill sets, and wide range of work experience within various settings. It is made up of:

  • Becky Davison – Therapeutic Coordinator & Psychodynamic Counsellor
  • Rebecca Jones- Systemic Psychotherapist & Therapy Lead
  • Dr Jenny Sole – Clinical Psychologist
  • Michelle Gilligan- Counsellor
  • Alison Sawyer – Accredited Counsellor & Systemic Practitioner
  • Louise Barrow– Counsellor
  • Simone Lincoln- Systemic Practitioner