The Sallygate School provides 39 weeks of full time education for boys and girls of 8-17 who have behavioural, social and emotional difficulties. Pupils attending the school are referred via Channels and Choices as part of a joint service including care and education. Every effort is made to ensure that the child is appropriately placed, and that the provision offered by the school matches the needs of the child.  Where it is thought appropriate, integration into mainstream or special schooling will be considered, as part of a clearly defined pathway for the child.

In all cases pupils will be considered for admission if:

  • The pupil’s educational needs, including those outlined on their Statements or Education and Health Care plans can be met.
  • There is a place in an appropriate class and/or year group.
  • Their admission would not seriously disrupt the education of current students.

Pupils for whom English is an additional language are admitted only providing that they meet the above criteria.  For such pupils additional support is provided on a 1:1 basis or within very small teaching groups.

Term Dates 2016 – 2017

TERM 1 –       31st August 2016       – 21st October 2016 inclusive

TERM 2 –       7th November 2016    – 21st December 2016 inclusive

Tuesday December 13th is a no school day

TERM 3 –       3rd January 2017        – 10th February 2017 inclusive

TERM 4 –       20th February 2017    – 03rd April 2017 inclusive

TERM 5 –       18th April 2017           – 26th May 2017 inclusive

TERM 6 –       12th June 2017           – 27th July 2017 inclusive

In addition to the above the Sallygate School is closed on 1st May 2017 due to the bank holiday