Can you be a foster carer if you’re single?
The short answer is “yes of course!” Your relationship status is not a defining factor of whether you can foster or not. As long as you are over 21 years old and have a spare room, these are the only initial requirements prior to an application. Once you have met these requirements, the application process can be started.

In fact, being a single person can sometimes be an advantage – there could be a situation where the preference is for a child to be placed with a single male or female foster carer.

That being said, fostering on your own can be challenging in an emotional way without having someone to share the load – that’s why here at Channels and Choices we support you every step of the way and you’re never alone.

When you’re a foster carer with Channels and Choices you’ll be assigned a dedicated social worker. Our social workers have smaller caseloads than many other agencies so they’ll get to know you better and you’ll be able to develop an understanding directly with them.

As a single foster carer, being with Channels and Choices can also be the perfect way to increase your network and meet like-minded people! We run regular events which you, your foster child and also your birth children (if applicable) will be invited to attend – this includes Easter Egg hunts, fireworks night, Halloween parties, awards ceremonies and so much more.

You’ll also be part of small support groups called “pods” which is a fantastic chance for you to catch up with other Channels and Choices foster carers who live near you to discuss issues and help each other in your fostering journey.   

Being a single person doesn’t need to be an obstacle in your fostering career. Request a quick consultation call with us today to get the ball rolling!    

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