Free foster carer advice and training from one of the country’s leading experts in attachment; Prof David Shemmings OBE on working the children who experience trauma.

1. Start here- Introduction Video


Helping potential and new foster carers are one of our goals here at Channels & Choices Therapeutic foster care so we have created some training and guidance videos explaining what we know about children who experience trauma as well as helpful strategies which can be utilised on a daily basis.

If you are thinking of becoming a foster carer, you already foster or you work with children who display challenging behaviour these videos are for you- we hope that you find them useful. Please watch them in order for maximum benefit.


2. Children who experience trauma – Part 1


3. Children who experience trauma Part 2


4. How to work with children who have experienced trauma Part 1


5. How to work with children who have experienced trauma Part 2

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