Channels & Choices offer unrivalled support and guidance for foster carers.

If you already foster for a Local Authority or another fostering agency and you are thinking of transferring we would love to hear from you. We receive regular enquiries from foster carers who are dealing with challenging behaviour, and who feel that as professional foster carers they are not receiving the support and guidance that they need. When we have spoken with carers that have transferred to us all of them have said, that it is the unrivalled level of support and therapeutic guidance that helped them make their final decision. Please take a moment to read some of our helpful articles and tips for those thinking of fostering with us at C&C which can be found on our blog at the bottom of the page.

We are the only fostering service that will guarantee you an income whilst you are an approved Foster Carer. A number of carers who have since transferred to us said that they have spent a huge amount of their personal savings whilst being a Foster Carer and not having children in placement whilst with other fostering companies.

Don’t just take our word for it, please watch this short video featuring one of the carers that have transferred to Channels & Choices.

Why are we different?

Our unique and innovative approach to fostering

We are one of the only fostering services in the country who are part of a therapeutic community. A common issue we hear from existing carers from other agencies is that they have trouble accessing an appropriate school for the child, or the child is on a lengthy waiting list with CAMHS to access some form of therapy or assessment. Being part of Channels & Choices’ therapeutic community allows you to access all of the community’s outstanding resources such as our own in-house school, which provides primary and secondary education, and our in-house therapy team without any delay.

Ongoing support and training for carers using our therapeutic framework

Our work at Channels & Choices is underpinned by a therapeutic framework and we provide training and guidance to all of our carers about how this fits with the daily work they do with the children. We believe that this framework provides our foster carers with additional skills and knowledge about working with children who have suffered trauma. By helping you to increase your skills and knowledge we believe as a professional you will reach your full potential. This, inturn helps the children to have better life outcomes. Our therapeutic approach will help you shape the environment that you provide for the child, so that therapeutic support and interactions are a daily part of their life. This helps them have a greater capacity to learn, develop and grow.  Please visit our therapy team page for further information.


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