Ofsted Outstanding


Recently at Channels and Choices, we have had several Ofsted Inspections and we are proud to say that our 4th children’s home in a row has received Outstanding in all areas.

Although the inspections can be tiring for our Managers and Teams (and the young people!) we pride ourselves on ensuring that everything that we do is to a high standard to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the young people and also that we are providing them with a happy and secure environment.

Our young people are involved just as much as the Manager and the Team when Ofsted are visiting. The young people like to show the inspectors what adventures they have been on since their last visit, this ranges from them learning to ride a bike or taking part in a new hobby. The young people go above and beyond as they also take pride in their home and want to show this to the inspector.

The Managers, Staff Team and the Young People are very pleased with their latest grading and so they should be!