A Channels and Choices Home

A house that you may come to,

At first you may not feel at home,

We promote contact with family,

Face to face or on the phone

The adults here are very friendly,

They will help you settle in,

You can personalise your bedroom,

Even down to the colour of bin.

We help to build relationships,

With adults you can trust,

Rewards you are able to earn,

But positive behaviour is a must.

We know at times you may struggle,

And we will support you at this time,

Life has many ups and downs,

But work with us and you’ll be fine.

You will be included in your plans,

We will help to find clubs and hobbies too,

With activities like dance, football and swimming,

There is always something you can do.

So here at Channels and Choices,

We are part of a big community,

And with lots of help and support,

We will help you to be the best that you can be.