They say, we do

Sallygate School has a democratically elected school council, and pupils’ views are regularly sought through questionnaires and evaluations . To ensure the pupils’ voices are heard, several of their requests have been put into place within the school, such as fundraising activities, mentoring courses, supplying fresh fruit daily and developing prefect roles.

A recent evaluation carried out by the Management Committee has shown that 100% of pupils answered yes to the following questions:

  • My school helps to keep me healthy –  “we have fruit in class every day”
  • Adults in my school care about me  – “when I need to talk to someone they are always there”
  • I feel safe when I am at school – “staff do everything to protect us”
  • I learn a lot in lessons –  “teachers challenge me”
  • Behaviour is managed well in my school  – “time out helps me”
  • Adults in my school are interested in my views –  “because they listen to me”
  • Adults explain to me how to improve my work –  “they leave comments on what we can do better next time and what went well”
  • I know how well I am doing at school –  “because people praise me for it”
  • I enjoy school – “I love school”
  • The staff do a good job in my school  – “they listen and are there for advice”

School uniform

As a school community, we value identity and a sense of pride in the school. School uniform gives a sense of belonging and this extends to how we present ourselves to the wider community. Our school uniform was chosen by an elected School Council and was introduced in September 2014. School uniform is compulsory and comprises of:

  • White shirt
  • Plain black jumper or cardigan
  • Black blazer
  • School tie
  • Black trousers
  • Black shoes or plain black trainers.

For games all students are expected to wear appropriate games kit:

  • Black or white trainers
  • Plain black or white t-shirt or polo shirt
  • Plain black track suit bottoms/tops (no logos)
  • Plain black or white sports shorts (suitable length).

For maths, students will be provided with equipment for each session. For art, students are recommended to bring over-shirts or aprons. Aprons are also available in school. Food technology / catering students may be asked to bring oven proof dishes and / or lidded containers to cook / transport food home.

Mobile phones are not permitted in school unless this is agreed for safety reasons with the home manager. Jewellery should not to be worn, with the exception of a small cross, crucifix or recognised religious symbol on a simple neck chain, and only one plain set of ear studs will be permitted. We recognise that school is a significant social setting for many of our students but make up should be discouraged, and for older pupils discreet. Pupils who bring unauthorised items to school may be given a ‘bag ban’.