Forest School

Our Forest School Programme

Parental involvement.

Safety and supervision

Embracing nature, nurturing growth

Forest School is an innovative educational approach that takes learning beyond the traditional classroom setting and into the natural environment. At Sallygate School, we believe in the tremendous benefits that outdoor learning can offer to our pupils. Forest School provides a safe and nurturing space for children to engage in hands-on experiences, develop skills, build resilience, and enhance their overall well-being

Our Forest School programme is carefully crafted to cater to the specific needs and interests of our pupils. We offer a range of engaging activities and experiences that encourage curiosity, exploration, and self-discovery. Under the guidance of our experienced Forest School leaders, pupils have the opportunity to:

The safety and well-being of our pupils are of utmost importance. Our Forest School sessions are carefully planned and supervised by trained staff who have extensive experience in outdoor education. We adhere to strict health and safety protocols, conduct risk assessments, and ensure that all activities are age-appropriate and carried out in a secure environment.

Our Forest School programme at Sallygate School is an integral part of our commitment to providing a holistic education that nurtures the growth and development of our pupils. Through the wonders of the natural world, we aim to inspire a lifelong connection to nature, foster a sense of adventure, and promote a deep understanding of the interdependence between humans and the environment.

If you would like more information about our Forest School programme or have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited to embark on this outdoor learning journey with our pupils and look forward to witnessing the positive impact it has on their lives.

Note: Forest School sessions may vary depending on the weather, seasons, and specific age groups. Please consult with our staff for detailed information about the Forest School programme and its availability for your child's year group.

Explore the natural surroundings: Our pupils get to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world, from woodlands to meadows, rivers to wildlife habitats. They learn about different ecosystems, flora, and fauna, fostering a sense of wonder and respect for the environment.
- Develop practical skills: Through hands-on activities, such as fire building, den construction, tool use, and plant identification, pupils acquire practical skills that promote independence, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
- Foster creativity and imagination: Forest School encourages creativity and imaginative play. Pupils have the freedom to engage in open-ended activities, create artwork with natural materials, tell stories, and embark on imaginative adventures in the great outdoors.
- Enhance physical and mental well-being: Spending time in nature has been proven to have numerous benefits for physical and mental health. Our Forest School programme provides opportunities for physical activity, sensory experiences, relaxation, and emotional well-being.

At Sallygate School, we value the involvement of parents and carers in their child's education. We encourage parents to support their child's Forest School experiences by engaging in discussions about nature, providing appropriate clothing for outdoor activities, and fostering a love for the natural world outside of school.