Rigorous safeguarding and Child Protection procedures are in place, and all staff and pupils know what to do and who to go to should they have any concerns. This is clearly displayed around the school. The school’s open culture promotes all aspects of pupils’ welfare, and our evaluations demonstrate that all pupils feel safe. They enjoy learning about: how to stay healthy, about emotional and mental health, safe and positive relationships, and how to prevent misuse of technology. All pupils receive ‘Prevent’ lessons as part of PSHE/SMSC which covers e-safety, and promote a positive attitude to multi-cultural and race issues, and safeguards against radicalisation.

Taking responsibility

Sallygate School works consistently to encourage all students to behave and to take responsibility for their own actions. An effective school traffic light system is in place that ensures students take responsibility, and accept consequences agreed with their home staff for their behaviours.  While many of our students enter the school with a chequered behavioural history, we believe that all students can make positive progress to reverse patterns of poor behaviour.

Consequences of poor behaviour

Where behaviour affects the pupil’s own or other’s learning, various consequences may result, such as removal from certain activities. In extreme cases a student may be sent home so that the pupil has time to calm, and can then engage in meaningful reflection with staff away from other pupils. Where there is a serious breach of the school rules the pupil(s) may be excluded for short periods of time. Persistent, serious contravening of the school rules could result in permanent exclusion. Although the school sees this as a very last resort to be deployed, and only after serious consideration and consultation. There have been no exclusions during the 2015 -2016 academic year. Any incidents, whether behavioural or racist in nature, will be recorded and dealt with promptly and appropriately. Any damage deliberately caused to school property or equipment will result in the pupil being billed to cover the costs of repair or replacement.

Measuring and managing behaviour

Data on behaviour is collated every term to enable staff to target specific areas of need, and also to demonstrate to pupils how they are learning to manage more difficult feelings and emotions in a classroom setting. This will help prepare them for their future destinations. As a result of consistent procedures, individual plans and a culture of tolerance and acceptance, our data to date shows a clear and significant reduction in specific behaviours pupils display as barriers to their learning.

All staff are qualified in the ‘Team Teach’ methodology of physical intervention. All behaviour management strategies are implemented to ensure de-escalation happens wherever possible. However, in some cases or situations there is a need for some physical intervention from staff. Staff at the Sallygate School will only intervene in order to:

  • Prevent harm to the child or to other children
  • Prevent harm to adults
  • Prevent significant damage to property
  • Prevent significant disruption to the learning of others

The physical control of young people may involve the use of reasonable force when there is an immediate risk to students, staff or property or when a student is disrupting the right to education of other students. Physical Intervention is always a last resort.